Interactive Modern Languages for Beginners

About DaltaPrep

‘Dalta means ‘pupil’ in the Irish language. 

The move from primary to secondary education is an exciting and momentous milestone for all young pupils. The need to embrace many new subjects including Modern Foreign Languages (MFLs), adds to this excitement! 

Daltaprep offers carefully-crafted language content which will prepare 6th class pupils for Modern Foreign Languages (MFLs) – giving them the head-start they need before they begin secondary school.

Creative | Interactive | Animated Video Tutorials | Game-Based Learning | Assessment

Master the Four Skills of Language: Listening | Speaking | Reading | Writing

Four Skills of Language-Learning

What DaltaPrep Can Do For You !

Listening Skills

Tutorials | Games | Quizzes
Bite-Sized Content
Building Confidence

Speaking Skills

Animated | Interactive
Game-Based Learning
Developing Ability

Reading Skills

Vocabulary-Rich Content
Progressing Skills

Writing Skills


Pupils / Students

Interactive videos with bite-sized content helping to build your knowledge-base.

Language-learning is more fun with activities, games and quizzes that show you just how good you are!


A useful teaching resource offering video tutorials on language topics, skills, and basic grammar.

Interactive activities, games and assessments, encouraging self-paced and independent learning.

75% of the world’s population do NOT speak English fluently

Why Learn a Modern Foreign Language?

Ireland is one of a few fluent English-speaking EU countries